4 Ways To Create The Best T-Shirt Designs

It doesn’t matter what you’re going to use the custom shirt for. The fact is, the design can make or break its success.

Which is why we have come up with five tips that will help you create the perfect T-shirt printing design.

1.    Simple Is Almost Always Better

Some people tend to think that the more complicated the design is, the more people will appreciate the shirt. But, that’s just a wrong mindset to follow.

Though spending a lot of time on the details gives you a chance to showcase your talent and skill, do remember that too much of a good thing can often do more wrong than good, and over-detailing can take away the beautifully simplistic design of the shirt.

So, instead of investing time overcomplicating the design, you may want to opt for something more simple and easy to remember. Make sure that its original too. This way, customers can easily understand the design.

2.    Don’t be Afraid to Brainstorm

The more ideas that you have, the better. If you can outsource for even more ideas or inspiration, that would certainly help.

Remember, there is the possibility of you copying someone else’s design, and if you plan on making a profit from your prints, you’ll end up facing a lot of legal trouble if your work is much too similar to that of another artist. This is why you’ll need to spend a lot of time researching similar ideas to make sure that what you created is, not only brilliant, but also original and unique.

3.    Narrow Down Your Market

Jacket printing in Singapore has become rather popular among the masses, but that doesn’t mean that it is well-liked among each and every one of them. By narrowing down your market, you’ll have a better idea of the specific design that you are looking for.

You can’t just say that you’re designing for whoever is buying. That’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll have to get to know who’s buying your stuff, or who you want to sell them to. This should help to give you a better idea on the type of designs your target audience would like to wear, and even the kind of fit that they would prefer.

If possible, test out the quality of your designs and prints by asking for honest opinions from total strangers who are preferably part of your target audience.

4.    Find a Quality Printing Company

To get a well-designed shirt, you will need to engage with an experienced printing company, or at least, invest in a quality printer. But of course, the better option is to work with a printing company instead.

So long as you sign a non-disclosure agreement with them,  your designs should be safe and in good hands. Not to mention, it’s much more cost effective to have your designs printed instead of buying the equipment yourself. Of course, it would be ideal to do everything in-house down the line. However, as a start, it would be a better idea to find a trustworthy printing company for the meantime.

As an added benefit, local printing companies are well-versed in the industry. They’ll be able to provide you with honest feedback and constructive criticism on how to further improve your design.

The thought of making a t-shirt design on your own is simple, but it may not be the best one out there. So make sure to follow these tips and you’re good to go!

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