5 Tips For Reminding Your Child To Complete Their Homework

We all know that studying in the best international school in Singapore you have to expect that there are tremendous home workloads. For this reason, there are times in which our child forgets to do some of their homework. In order to prevent that we came up with some of the spectacular techniques which you can implement immediately to ensure that your child will not forget to do the assignments given to them by their teacher on a daily basis.

  • Implant to their minds that “Do it later” habit is not healthy – when a child started to have a habit of “do it later” especially at a young age they will tend to adopt it on other things that they are doing too. Because of this habit, many things are taken for granted such as the making of their assignments.
  • Give them some sort of conditions – this condition can be they can play after they have done doing their home works. In this way, they will focus on finishing their assignments a lot better which will prevent them from forgetting it and taking it for granted.

A reward can also be substituted for conditions because children do love rewards. A reward can be in the form of a toy or a treat and by doing it you are putting up the motivation for your child to do their assignments regularly without any miss at all.

  • Advice them to do their assignments in their free time in school – this will prevent them from forgetting doing their home works when they go home from school. As we all know students are like adults which get tired after the tremendous day at work but the only difference is they do not get a salary from what they are doing. This is the primary reason why a lot of students forget doing their assignments.
  • Offer assistance to do their home works from time to time – by doing this you are giving your child some reminders that they have some home works to accomplish. You are doing a lot for your child whenever you are doing this because you will help them with their assignments and at the same time help them not to forget doing it.

This is also a great way to have a bonding time with your child because helping them do their assignment will really mean a lot to them and they will really appreciate it.

  • Put some post notes on their room – this is an effective way for them not to forget their assignments especially if they are studying the best international school in Singapore it is a big no for them to miss their assignments because of the high standards in academics.

So there you go I hope that you will apply it immediately to your child so that they will not forget their home works anymore. With just the right attitude and discipline implanted on them, they will be updated with their assignments and will not forget it next time.

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