A Quick Guide to Crafting Roundup Articles Expertly

Crafting expert roundup posts is an ideal Digital Marketing strategy for building links that ultimately raise a website’s ranking. While it is true that a good roundup post will require some time to build, the results are worth it. In this post, we break everything down to demonstrate how you can create winning expert roundup articles to build your site links, ranks, and success.

Start by asking a question

Start by deciding the topic you want to address. Then, look at the common issues that affect the specific niche and frame a question targeting to draw great answers. Here you need to factor the following;

  • If the topic is very complex, the response will be poor
  • Too narrow questions can reduce the potential contributors
  • Questions that are not original will not drive interest from serious contributors

Consider picking a topic of great interest and target what people read more. A good example might be what are some of the best Lead Generation Services in Singapore? 

Create a list of worthy experts in your area of interest

The question you have created will be directed to experts who are top influencers and command a huge following. The experts will contribute about 80% of the article while you will only craft the remaining 20%. Therefore, how do you identify these experts to contribute to your article?

•   Source them from other expert round-up articles: The good thing about this method is that every roundup article comes with several experts. Therefore, you can build the list within a very short time.

•   Use Social Media: Today, most influencers have a huge presence in social media. They are often trending, and you can easily notice them by using Advanced Searches. Make sure to check that they have ample following, quality sites, and something authentic to say.

Organise the experts properly

After sourcing the experts, it is time to organise them appropriately. This is critical in following their responses after posting the questions. You can opt to use spreadsheets in Windows and numbers in Mac to organise all the details including name, email, website, date contacts, social media link, and contribution received in columns.

Contact the experts informing them of the expert articles being prepared

Though you have already designed the question and sourced the experts, you barely know each other. It is very important to reach the experts using various channels (emails and on social media) requesting their contribution. Make your inquiry short, precise, and professional. Remember to perfect your Email Marketing campaign before contacting and flagging off the questions.

Send the roundup post questions to start compiling the post from replies

Flag the questions to the experts for them to generate replies to the post. Note that most of the experts are influencers in their areas and, therefore, time is of the essence. Ensure that the emails are short and professional.
More importantly, the email should have a deadline so that the expert can mark it a priority on his/her calendar. The best time to give an expert when drafting an expert post is 1-2 weeks. Many folks will find 14 days ample to research and reply to your post.

Craft your 20% of the article as replies come through and publish

As experts send their replies to the questions, compile them and mark on the blog post management sheet. Then, craft your 20% and publish the article. If some experts take longer to reply, remind them using an email.
Ensure to include links to experts who contributed the article and send the blog post link to contributing influencers. They will market it for you, drive a lot of traffic, promote website links, and raise your ranking.

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