A Quick Guide To Data Science: What Does A Data Scientist Do?

What is a ‘data scientist?’

A data scientist is someone that collects and analyses data with a decisive goal. A data scientist’s work is to analyze data for insight that you can act on. As a data scientist, your specific tasks include identification of problems that are data analysis, that offer the organization the most exceptional opportunities.

You decide the correct sets of data and variables, collect a large set of data, generate and apply algorithms and models to mine big data stores, identify trends and patterns through data analysis, solution and opportunity finding through data interpretation. Finally, communicating your findings to the shareholders using clear cut channels like visualization. Learn more about this in data analytics courses.

What do data scientists do?

The book doing data science describes data scientists’ duties this way. The author describes a data scientist as a person who gets meaning from raw data and interprets it, requiring tools and mechanisms from machine learning and statistics and simply being human in the process. In this process, you are required to persistent and have skills in statistics and software engineering, which are also necessary to enable you to understand biases in data and debug code logging output.

Once this is done, the next very crucial bit is exploratory data analysis. This combines data sense with visualization enabling you to find patterns and build algorithms and models, some with the need to understand how a product is used and its overall health and others as prototypes that are back baked into the product. You may also be an experiments designer and a very crucial part in making data-driven decisions.

You will communicate with investors, shareholders, team members, engineers and leaders in a language they can understand and with the help of data visualization help colleague understand the implications of data they weren’t immersed with themselves.

Why data science is becoming more popular?

According to a business review from Harvard, data science is the “sexiest job of the 21stcentury” and every business, no matter the level of operations attained is racing to fill this position with the best of the best. A data scientist has a foundation in math, computer science, statistics, analysis, and modelling and they generally aid companies in interpreting and managing data and solves problems using their expertise in data niche varieties.

According to Anne Meyer, a senior consultant in design and data, startup companies are producing so much data that data scientist hiring has increased dramatically and their salaries are on the rise too, especially for the ones that can work with developers closely and provide end-users value.

Data has become more and more vital even in the traditional companies that didn’t do much investing in technical positions in their budget. Due to the increasing amount of data, it’s changing how traditional organizations conduct business and marketing management, making the data scientists the pivot of it all.

Data scientists are often tech gurus in technologies like java, pig, and python, their job mainly focusing on data management, business analysis, and analytic modelling. They often work within a company in terms as they tend to specialize in a narrow data science niche. Through the insight data scientists’ offer, the insight that can spring a company to attaining its ultimate goal, data scientists can be the real instrument of change within an organization.

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