Actions to Take After Receiving a Corporate Gift

The corporate gift you spent days if not weeks preparing for has now finally been sent.

That’s good, right? You think that should be the end of it. But that’s not exactly the case. You see, while most companies don’t really follow-up after giving a corporate gift, it’s not an opportunity that you should miss out.

The fact is, giving a corporate gift establishes an open line of communication that you would do very well to take advantage of by following-up.

Don’t be Afraid to Reach Out

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? The truth is, most businesses don’t do it. They just give away corporate gifts out of obligation and that’s it. They don’t really think if their customised corporate gifts in Singapore were received well or not. They either like to think that they were well received or they just don’t care.

Don’t be like those kinds of businesses.

Within 24 hours of being notified that the recipient has received the gift, send them an email thanking them for their patronage. You can also explain that the gift is a token of appreciation of them doing business with your company.

This way, you have opened the line of communication between you and your client with at least one thing worth taking about – the corporate gift.

Do Not Advertise or Promote

After sending the email, you should make it a point to call the recipient after 24 hours or so. This way, the memory of them receiving the corporate gift is still fresh on their mind.

Call them to say thank you again, out of courtesy, and to ask them how they liked the corporate gift.

Just like when a suitor calls to check if the gift they gave was liked, do the same as well for the recipient of the corporate gift. This kind of thoughtfulness is very rare, but don’t be pushy either. If they give short or brief answers, accept that, be gracious and say goodbye.

Basically, if you just call in to say thank you, ask for their input, jot them down, and say goodbye, that would be okay. What’s not okay is if you advertise or promote your business.

Remember, the idea behind corporate gifts is to spread the idea of sharing – not to promote your business.

Always Favour the Unique and Personalised

While it certainly does require an extra bit of thought and a bit more research, the best gift items are always customised corporate gifts. Specifically, always try to think of things that the recipient will actually be able to use.

The best received gifts are those that people don’t commonly receive. A personalised bottle opener from your favourite liquor store is a nice bit of personal touch, especially if it doesn’t contain any hint of advertising of their company. Basically, anything that may have practical uses on a daily basis will always be received quite well.

Remember, the point of following up is not to advertise. Instead, it is to find out what the recipients thought about the gift and what they think can be done to make the gift better and more personal.

If you do that, then you most likely will have earned the trust and patronage of a loyal customer.

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