Effective Treatment Options For Hormonal Acne

Usually, acne caused by hormones do not go away when you use over-the-counter treatments except the acne is mild. The reason is simple; hormonal acne lies deep beneath the skin, and topical medications find it difficult to reach that part of your skin.

Sometimes, you can use Oral medications to tackle the acne from inside so that the imbalanced hormones causing the acne can be normalized and clear off the cystic acne. Some of the effective options for hormonal acne treatment are discussed below;

1. Birth Control Pills

You may be surprised that contraceptives can work for acne. As a matter of fact, some people specifically use birth-control pills for acne treatment. Some of the oral contraceptives that you can use for acne treatment are made of ethinylestradiol and any one of the following; norgestimate, drospirenone, and norethindrone.

These ingredients, when they all work together target the acne-causing hormones. They are also useful during hormonal peak periods such as ovulation.

Before you use oral contraceptives for acne treatment, make sure you talk to your doctor. You should also be sure that you do not have a history of high blood pressure, breast cancer or blood clots.

2. Anti-Androgen medications

Anti-androgen medications could also work as an effective acne treatment method. They help reduce the male hormones also known as androgens. There is a specific level that every human being should have in their bodies. If it becomes too much, it interferes with hair follicles which help regulate skin cells. It also stimulates oil production in the skin which ultimately causes acne.

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