Factors To Consider Before Throwing A Party For Your Kid

With the wide variety of fun party services when it comes to hiring a kids birthday party planner in Singapore, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From princess face painters to superhero balloon sculptors, magicians to party game hosts, the list of entertainment ideas is never-ending for your kid’s birthday party.

Deciding what type of entertainment to get ultimately depends on a few key factors. These include:


Understanding what is trending amongst your child and their friends will help you decide on the most suitable entertainment. Does a certain character from the newly launched movie enthrall the kids? Are they fascinated with slime and other sensory experiences? Or perhaps you have discovered your little one jiggling away the moment her favourite song comes on the radio?


During the preschool years, your understanding of the age differences is a key factor in determining whether your child enjoys the party. A 4 and 6 year old can have very different attention spans and level of understanding. For instance, musical games can work wonders for engaging for 4 year olds while competitive games like relay races may work better for 6 year olds. You may have chosen to invite your child’s classmates, neighbourhood playmates or cousins. On top of that, they may or may not bring their elder or younger siblings along too. While it is possible to plan an amazing party when you expect to have a wider age range, it is still best to customize the entertainment to your child’s age as it is his or her special day after all. Mass activities like party games can be great fun for the kids of the same age. You may also like to hire fringe activities like face painting and balloon sculpting as they tend to be more flexible. As fringe activities are typically done on a one-on-one basis, it gives the artist a chance to vary the designs to suit each and every child.


If you are planning to celebrate your child’s birthday party in the preschool, one or two activities may be good enough to keep everyone entertained for an hour or so. A comedy kids magic show or mascot appearance makes an excellent birthday surprise. When coupled with balloon sculpting, you will give even the shy ones a chance to get special personal attention from the artist and a cute party gift to bring home too. However, if you decide to host the party at a function room or restaurant, you might find it easier to work with a professional party planner. You may want to customize a programme with a variety of fringe and mass activities to keep the kids engaged and prevent them from getting bored during your 2 to 3 hour party duration.


If you have a small number of kids at the party, finger food, upbeat music, a simple DIY pinata or even just hanging out together could be all the entertainment they need. However, in larger groups of 8 or more kids, you want to ensure everyone is having a great time without too much hassle on your plate. One way to do this is by having multiple fringe activity booths conducted concurrently or staggered across your party duration. One group can be watching their friends get their faces (or arms) painted, another group can be getting their balloon sculptures made and others could get their hands messy making rainbow slime or other interesting arts and craft activities. That way, everyone is well engaged and you can still maintain a free and easy flow for your party.


Now that we have established the factors that should determine the type of entertainment you arrange for, here are a few ideas for your kid’s party:


Hiring a face painter to do face painting in Singapore is very popular at kids parties as it’s a super easy way to get everyone dressed up as their favourite characters. This can be very fun for both boys and girls, and won’t blow a hole in your wallet. Just be sure to check that your artist uses cosmetic grade face paints that are non-toxic and designed specifically for use on the delicate faces of young children.


Balloons are always a must-have for any kids party. Try switching things up rather than having the regular helium balloons yet again. Hiring a professional artist to do balloon sculpting gives the children a chance to choose from a handful of unique designs. The kids can watch classic designs like flowers, animals and superhero weapons being made live, or even requests for more exciting sculptures such as their favourite princess, superhero or cartoon characters.


Including art & craft activities into your party schedule is an excellent way to let a child’s creative juices flow, not forgetting the fact that they get to have tons of fun and a cool masterpiece to show off too! Feel free to take your pick from the variety of activities like canvas bag painting, puppet making, jewellery making and many more. Each and every activity is thoughtfully designed to engage and excite any child, plus it creates a unique opportunity for parents to bond with their child too.


Magic shows at birthday parties have also gained popularity in Singapore. Everyone is fascinated by magic and the mind-blowing tricks performed by magicians coupled with their silly antics that are bound to tickle your funny bone.


Eating contests, dancing contests, talent shows and other mini games are not only great sources of entertainment for the kids, the adults also have good fun watching the excitement. Party games make excellent video opportunities plus they are the perfect excuse to make everyone feel like a winner. Prizes are a must with all party games, and you can even prepare special grand prizes for “The Most Helpful Child”, “The 1st from the Back”, “The Most Sporting Parent” to keep everything light-hearted!

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