How To Make Your Child Enjoy School Activities In International Schools

As we all know, there are lots of school activities in international schools, more particularly extra-curricular activities. However, not every student is fond of it as some may find it rather dull or a chore to take part in. As a result, some of them may tend to play truant and skip classes as they refuse to join in such activities. And this has a massive impact on their school records and reputation, and will eventually affect their attitude and grades in school.

But, instead of letting your child commit truancy you should be taking action to make sure that your child enjoys his or her school activities when they are in schools.

Below, we have prepared a few ways that you can encourage your child to engage in extra-curricular activities in their respective schools.

Talk with your child

To get him or her to understand the importance of participating in such extra-curricular activities, you will have to first convince them by talking and explaining to them about the benefits of these activities. Slowly explain the various reasons why it is essential to take part in the activities, such as telling them how the activities can nourish his or her other skills that are outside the academics field, more specifically social and physical skills.

Be a supportive parent

For any extra-curricular activity that your child has decided to participate in, you should make sure that you give your full support in the form of moral or financial support. Once your child notices that you are fully supportive of what he or she is doing, you will be giving your child the motivation that they need to do well in the said activity.

By being supportive, your child will also look forward to the activities next time when the school is holding them again as you have given them the support they needed.

Take some time to attend the extra-curricular activities

Depending on the type of extra-curricular activity, you may be able to attend the activity to show your support for your child. Whether it is a soccer game, a debate competition or a play, either way, most of these activities will have some event, performance or game you that can attend.

So, you should spare some time to attend these activities as doing this will lift your child’s spirit and take them off the pressure that they are experiencing as the important event is happening. They will be able to calm down once they know that you are nearby and cheering them on.

Be patient and understand them

Sometimes, you may not be fond of what type of extra-curricular activity that your child is interested in. The fees for the extra-curricular activity may not be cheap too as some of them may require jersey fees, classes or other items and activities that may incur extra costs. And because of that reason, you may become very agitated as you are opposed to what he or she is doing.

However, rather than get angry at your child, you should take the time to understand their reasons for choosing such an activity. Your child may have a great passion for the activity and instead of rejecting that passion you should encourage them to take part in the activity. And if your child is one of the best international schools, all the more you should let him or her be a part of something they like so they can do even better in their studies once they are doing something that they enjoy in school.

By doing these simple techniques, you can make sure that the next time the school holds certain extra-curricular activities that your child will become more enthusiastic and have a sense of enjoyment because of your efforts.

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