Learning the Wonders of Parallel Universes

The whole concept of the parallel universe is not new, and it has been shown in science fiction movies loads of times, although, the evidence of it still needs to be verified. According to Howard Wiseman of Griffith University in Australia, there are multiple versions of our universes, and they overlap and interact with each other on a quantum level, and the study of it is called quantum theory.

The possibility that there exists a parallel universe is still a vague idea for many because of little significance to modern physics. However, we can’t ignore the fact that there is a possibility we reside in a multiverse that is made up of small parallel universes. Although, the debate about this is still ongoing. Are you ready to be mind-blown by these underrated facts? Perhaps this could be a great conversation starter in your h2 physics tuition class.

This article will list at least 4 different theories on why the multiverse is a possibility;

Infinite Universes
Although we are not sure of the shape of the space-time continuum, according to one main theory, it’s flat. If that’s the case, then the possibility of different universes stands true. However, if that is true, it’s possible that the universes can start to repeat themselves because particles can be placed in different ways on the spectrum.

Bubble universes
Theory number two of the multiple universes is based on the research from Tufts University, completed by Alexander Vilenkin. The name of the theory is ‘eternal inflation.’ According to this theory, when we look at the space-time as a whole, some parts of the space stops to inflate. At the same time, the rest of them will become enlarged. So basically, our Universe is sitting on a network of universes of space. What’s amazing about this theory is the fact that the other universes may have different laws of physics as compared to ours.

Daughter universes
The third theory is called the Daughter Universe theory. If we follow the laws of probability, then a large number of universes exist for every outcome or possibility. The framework for this theory is that for every decision you make or not make, there is an alternate universe created for the decision you did not choose, continually branching out and creating more universes.

Parallel universes
Finally, the last theory is called the parallel universes. If we go back to the fact that space-time is flat, then the possible particle configuration is infinite. If that’s the case, then the cosmic patches are going to repeat; again and again. So, according to that, there are infinite parallel universes. These cosmic patches are similar to ours, and some of them are different just by one, two and so on the position of the particles.

We don’t know what the reality is, maybe the cosmos are actually like this. We just have to accept what we are given. However, even if we do reside in the multiverse, just stay assured that somewhere there is an alternate version of us who might have sorted it all out.

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