Seven Common Reasons Behind Your Sleep Getting Interrupted

Scientists say that anything between 6.5 to nine hours per night is healthy for an average adult. During this time our bodies go through four different stages of sleep. By the time we reach stage three, we experience deep sleep.

In the course of deep sleep, our brains experience ‘delta waves’ and we are least likely to respond to external stimuli. Stage three is also the most restorative part of sleep.

Sleep stages are progressive and there are no easy shortcuts to stage 3 or deep sleep. Unfortunately, when sleep is interrupted, we get a shortened experience of stage 3 or don’t even experience it at all.

Here are some common reasons why your sleep is disrupted.

A Bathroom Visit in the Middle of the Night

Most people usually wake up from their sleep when ‘nature calls’. Or to put it simply, when its time to visit the bathroom and do their business.

While it may seem normal, it can, however, disrupt your sleep entirely. Before, you were probably having the time of your life sleeping the whole night and replenishing your energy. But that one trip to the toilet will result in you trying your hardest to fall asleep again if you are a light sleeper.

And if you are the type to wake up more than once, it is time you reduce your fluid intake as the sun sets into the evening. Also, consult your physician for assistance.

A Bad Environment

Do you happen to sleep in a noisy environment, with your neighbour’s dog howling through the night for example?

Well, Singapore just happens to be one of the busiest cities in this side of the world and unfortunately, cities come with their fair share of downsides and noise pollution, is unquestionably one of them.

It may seem troubling but there are ways to tackle this issue such as consider getting ear muffs to minimize the noise and allow you to go through all the stages of sleep.

Too Much Light

The same goes for light. A 24-hour economy like Singapore calls for more than just an excellent quality memory foam mattress for sound sleep. Even a nice king size mattress in Singapore won’t be sufficient in ensuring that you get enough sleep.

If your bedroom is often illuminated by external lighting such as street lights, consider purchasing blackout shades. They’ll keep you from being woken up by the flashes of light.


Stress causes insomnia. When you are stressed, your body responds by releasing hormones that will keep you alert, and inhibit the process of sleep.

When we sleep, our bodies reduce metabolism, slows heart rate, blood pressure and breathing become deeper and slower. However, stress hormones inhibit these events and switch our bodies back to the alert and active mode.

Sleep Apnea

One in three Singaporeans has Sleep Apnea and most of them are not aware. But that is not the worst part because one in ten of these people has severe Sleep Apnea.

Sleep experts say that sleeping on the side is a good way to curb the effects of Sleep Apnea. A good memory foam mattress in Singapore can help you learn to sleep on your side and keeps you in that position through the night.

Midnight Snacks

Many of us have habits and one of them is snacking late at night, or waking up in the middle night to grab a bite or glass of water. Either way, it does not do any good as it does not only cause to gain weight, but you are preventing yourself from getting proper rest.

However, like all habits, we can unlearn and train our bodies to lose these cravings.

A Bad Mattress

The wrong mattress can cause you more than just back pain. It can keep you awake through the night and keep you deprived of sleep.

The right mattress for you depends on several factors. However, sleep experts in Singapore generally advise that a good quality memory foam mattress is excellent for treating back pain. Consult with the manufacturer about your weight, the firmness, sleeping style (whether you are a hot or cold sleeper) and other aspects about your sleeping behaviour.

To conclude, a bad mattress can exacerbate any of these reasons for sleep deprivation, so take steps to replace your mattress with an appropriate one.

Having your sleep disrupted does no good for your health. But after finding out the reasons causing it, you will be able to easily get your sleep back, either by getting a completely new and high-quality mattress or seeking advice from an expert.

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