STD Protection: 3 Easy Tips To Ensure You Are Safe

Contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be quite costly. Besides paying for the medicines and treatment for the disease, you would also need to pay for doctor consultations and STD tests at the STD clinic in Singapore. Having an STD can also be stressful as you would have to explain your sexual health to your partners. Some STDs, like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), do not have a cure at the time of writing. In addition, contracting some STDs also put you at risk of contracting other STDs. The best way to ensure that you are at the pink of your sexual health is to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from STDs. In this article, we will explain three easy tips that you can use to protect yourself from STDs.

Tip #1: Always use a condom

Condoms are the backbone of STD protection. While condoms are commonly promoted as a form of birth control, it is more than just that. This simple rubber provides a barrier between sexual fluids of different partners, thereby significantly reducing the risk of contracting an STD. That is why sexual health experts from STD clinics recommend wearing condoms whenever engaging in sexual activity, as birth control pills do not prevent STDs. Experts also recommend wearing condoms during oral sex, as STDs can be transmitted through oral sex as well. Condoms should be used and disposed of correctly. For instance, never wear more than one condom at once and always wear condoms on the correct side to ensure protection. It is all sexual partners’ responsibilities to ensure condoms are properly used in order to ensure protection from STDs.

Tip #2: Be conscious when having sex

A lot of sexual encounters happen when parties are not fully aware of the experience. It could be because they are under the influence of alcohol, caffeine or drugs. These sexual encounters are dangerous as there is a significantly higher chance of the sexual partners contracting STDs. This is because our judgement can be impaired during these situations. We may be engaging in unprotected sex without even knowing. By ensuring that all parties are consensual and aware of their experience, all parties would be better able to ensure sexual contact would not result in STDs. It will make for a better experience for everyone as well.

Tip #3: Get vaccinated

Vaccines for some STDs are available at STD clinics. Getting vaccinated will help to protect you from getting infected with STDs like the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. While not all STDs have a vaccine, we should still get vaccinated if the option is available. A vaccine will help the body build immunity to the virus, thereby preventing future infections. Vaccines can be obtained at STD clinics. You may also ask your doctor if you are unsure whether you have previously been vaccinated for these specific STDs.


With these three quick tips, your sexual health is easily in your hands. For more information or to see a doctor at an STD clinic.

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