The 6 Different Subjects In IB Diploma Courses

If you are the students of international school Singapore then you should know the subjects of IB. you must understand all IB Subjects Singapore. If you interested in these subjects then you should avail of the IB courses.

There are 6 main subjects in the course of the IB diploma.

  1. Studies in language and literature.

It is the main subject of the IB diploma and it is available in the native language of Singapore. However there 80 languages are available. There are two options for the selection of these languages. Literature is the first option and it is similar to old courses.

  1. Language acquisition.

This is a 2nd subject in the IB diploma course. Latin and Classical Greek are also offered. The main purpose of this subject to deliver the main concepts of language among the students.

  1. Individuals and societies.

This is the 3rd course which is offered at both HL and SL. Here the students can get the opportunity to study business management, history, Psychology, and global politics.

  1. Experimental sciences

Here there are five courses like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, design technology and computer science.

  1. Mathematics

In this course, students are offered to learn the basics of mathematics.

  1. The ARTS:

The students are offered to learn the dance, music, visual arts and Films in this course

These are six major groups that are included in the IB course diploma in international school Singapore

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