The Differences Between The Elite Neighbourhoods in Singapore

A shelter is a basic need for any human being anywhere in the world, and lack of it is considered a tragedy and an indication of extreme poverty. Even animals in the wild go through the struggle of building their shelters from nests for birds to caves for bears. Everyone needs a place to sleep under each night for yourself and family.

Depending on the depth of your pockets, your house will have or lack some facilities, and it will also determine who your neighbours will be. The social class that you belong to is determined by where you live and who lives next to you, the elite live in mansions and condos in high-end residences while the low-income earners nestle in crowded neighbourhoods with few social amenities.

It is natural to want the best for yourself and your family, and you should aim to live in the best place your paycheque can afford. In this article, we will take a look at some of Singapore’s most elite neighbourhoods and what sets them apart from the rest of the country.

  • Emerald Hill

Some of the best neighbourhoods in the world have a lot of historical significance behind them which makes them stand out. With history comes exemplary architecture pioneered by those that came before you, and you get to experience that touch of old living in your neighbourhood.

One such neighbourhood is Emerald Hill located in the Newton planning area, Central Singapore. The district used to house the Peranakan Chinese who were wealthy members of the community. Apart from rich history, the settlement also boasts of Chinese Baroque architecture developed by the initial inhabitants of the area.

One of the marquee residences on Emerald Hill today is 111 Emerald Hill Condo Singapore, which houses some of the most elegantly finished apartments you will ever see. The 12 story high masterpiece boasts of an excellent exterior finish you won’t find easily in the country.

  • Orchard Road

Singapore is known as a top tourist destination in the world, apart from the lovely beaches and fantastic culture of the people, tourists, also come to shop themselves silly. Orchard road is a top spot for any tourist looking to do a lot of shopping and has some of the best hotels available in the country.

Twenty-one Anguilla park condo Singapore is one of the developments located in the Orchard Road area and has the best condominiums. The construction is one of the hottest properties in the retail market and plays home to some of Singapore’s most elite. Prices for a two-bedroom condo start from approximately 4.8 M dollars.

  • Novena

Another residential area with historical significance is Novena, although it has more of a religious inclination. The neighbourhood and its associated buildings and streets get their names from the Novena Church are also known as the Church of Saint Alphonsus which is in the locality.

The fact that the area derives its name from a church does not mean that the city is retro and backward regarding architecture and lifestyle. Novena has state of the art buildings and futuristic architecture which you can see at the Novena Square. The who’s who in the country have also sought residence in the area in places like the Lincoln Suites Condo Singapore which prides itself on a stunning twin-tower type of design.

  • River Valley

The District 9 area in Singapore is a precinct that hosts some of the most luxurious residences in South Asia; as a matter of fact, Orchard Road is in the District 9 area. Another prime place in District 9 is River Valley that rivals Orchard Road in stunning architecture and high-end properties perfect for the elite in the country.

At the heart of District 9 is the Martin Modern Condo Singapore, which is one of the most attractive properties for the society’s upper middle class and the elite. The River Valley neighbourhood is most famous for its delicious Nasi Padang.

  • Yio Chu Kang

If you are a fan of beautiful greenery and stunning flora, Yio Chu Kang is the place for you to live in, because of abundance in space and low-density housing. The neighbourhood is home to numerous private housing estates like Castle Green, Nuovo, and the Parkwood Residences Condo Singapore.

In today’s extremely modern age and rapidly increasing population, there is little to no space for any vegetation to flourish giving our neighbourhoods a dull look and a congested demeanour. Presence of plant provides any community with a homely and welcoming look.

  • Serangoon

The neighbourhood of Serangoon is known for various landed properties and condominiums, surrounded with accessible amenities and facilities. Within the vicinity are popular malls such as NEX and Ang Mo Kio Hub, as well as prestigious institutions like Rosyth School and Ai Tong School.

Luxury residential areas such as Belgravia Green and Riverfront Residences offer a private enclave for couples and families to live surrounded in tranquillity, yet close enough to places of interest e.g. eateries and shopping malls.

There you go, these are some of the places where the elite in Singapore choose to call home, and each one has its distinguishing factor. Depending on your tastes and preferences, some of these places will seem ideal, while others will look way off. Do more research before you settle for any neighbourhood.

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