Tips To Help You Make The Best Out Of Your Pre Wedding Shoot

Weddings bring a lot of joy, but with so many events to plan for, it often gets overwhelming. If your wedding is in a few weeks, you might want to start thinking about seating plans, dress, fittings, catering, invitations, and especially Singapore pre wedding photography.

Wedding photography is as important as your big day since it helps you capture those blessed and cheerful moments forever. However, if you do not want to spend a fortune, you do not have to! Pre wedding photography can now be affordable thanks to the soaring competition in the world of professional photography. Singapore is home to some of the best photographers in the world, who can turn your pre-wedding event into a beautiful evening portfolio.

You do not need a complete over-priced wedding package that bursts yours wedding bubble and makes you bite your nails whenever you see the invoice in your mail. Here are some Singapore pre wedding photographytips that will help you get everything you want for your special day:

Go with a simple and natural photo shoot

Your photography session should not stretch for 5-6 hours for it to be gorgeous. You can have a photoshoot for three hours under $300. Instead of suits and gowns, you can go for a casual yet wedding-y look.

Opt for thematic or budget outfits

People who have worn their wedding and other event gowns once usually put it up for sale online to get some extra cash. They are practically new, so someone’s loss is your gain!

Have you thought about DIY on flowers?

Create a PWS bridal bouquet or run to a nearby wholesale flower market so that you can still squeeze in all the glamour of the wedding in your Singapore pre wedding photography.

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