What Exactly Are Marine Fire Extinguishers?

Marine fire extinguisher is an active fire protection instruments which are used to control the small level of fires at emergency . its structure is like cylindrical vessel which contains an agent discharged to extinguish a fire. Ambrose Godfrey patented first fire extinguisher in 1723 which consist of liquids with pewter and gunpowder.

Marine fire extinguishers are useful for marine environments which are further rated chemicals and fire for fight. There may be different fire extinguishers like solids, liquids and electrical fires. There is class A which include wood, cloth, paper and trash. Class B have flame liquids which includes carbon DI oxide and dry chemical. Class C involves electrical equipment where Carbon DI oxide is preferred to be used. Class D includes magnesium like metals.

Classification of Marine fire extinguishers are referred as roman numbers and letters that represent the size of extinguishers. When there will be higher numbers then there will be larger extinguishers.

However, all extinguishers used in boats should be in good condition so that there will be no problem in the way and these extinguishers should be rated and well tested before use. Any boat which have length of 26 feet long must have one B 1 Extinguishers and there will be 2 extinguishers between 26 to 40 feet size of boats and there will be three extinguishers of above 40 feet size of boat. In short, Marin fire extinguishers are basic requirements of all boats for safety purpose.

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