What Is The Best Dining Table Set For Your Home

Dining table sets come with tables of not only different sizes, but also different shapes. Rectangle, oval and round are the most common shapes on the market in Singapore.

Rectangle tables are a great option if you are looking to accommodate more than 4 people. They are also the shape that will work best if your dining room or dining area is quite narrow.

If what you are usually planning for dinner is small gatherings, a round table can be considered. They provide a sense of intimacy between all the guests that cannot quite be achieved on a rectangle table. Round tables fit especially well in square-shaped rooms that are on the small side.

Finally, oval tables can be compared to rectangle tables in many ways, and are a great fit for a room that is a bit narrow. They also work better for bigger parties. However, visually, they may seem less bulky than rectangle tables thanks to their round angles.

Choosing the chairs

Along with the table, the dining chairs are the second important element of a dining set. Here, once again, the choice goes beyond a simple question of style and preference. Indeed, the style of a chair can affect its size.

Consider the following: How many chairs do you need to fit around the table? How much space do you have around the table to fit in chairs? Do you prioritise comfort or space-saving? Do you need armrests? How high do you want the backrest to be?

In general, the chairs should fit tucked under the table, whether they have armrests or not. The at least 18” of space applies once the chairs have been tucked in. If you live in a small apartment, like many of us do in Singapore, you thus might want to consider chairs that are not too thick and padded. Chairs can be available for a good price during a sofa sale in Singapore.

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